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New Studio!

sketch of garden gate

"Shawna's Garden Gate", mixed media by Kerry McFall

Labor Day Weekend was labor-intensive as we moved into our new studio/office space.  What a find!  Just blocks from home, it’s a tiny cottage in the garden of another artist’s home.  She must surely hold the patent for “shabby chic”, the whole property is what my son described as “SO perfect for you, so Artsy-Quiltsy!”  The garden itself is “perma-culture”, overflowing with vegetables and herbs and the occasional nosegay of artificial flowers… rescued architectural bits turn up here and there, mirrors make everything seem bigger and brighter, fountains burble, grapes drape, and birds chirp.  I did a hurry-up sketch this afternoon in between spurts of organizing inside.  It will take me weeks to capture just the garden in my sketchbook – and I’m very much looking forward to it!  The interior is going to be a nice change from my prior spot, with plenty of natural light and wall display space and shelves – although at the moment it is hopelessly cluttered.  Even after purging 20 to 30% of my fabric “stash”, and with 6 boxes of art and craft supplies  in the back of the car (look out, here we come MECCA in Eugene (a crafts recycler)), it’s still overflowing.  Clearly another purge is in order… I found a tiny white box filled with mini-cones that I collected when I was still living in Klamath Falls, so at least 48 years ago.  That’s the one that made me wonder, “Am I a hoarder?”  No, I think not.  But I am looking forward to being able to walk through my new studio soon!