So what’s a Diangle?

Say Diagonal Triangle really fast… Diangle!  A Diangle is simply a square divided in half on the diagonal, forming two contrasting triangles (one side lighter, one side darker).   I incorporate canvas prints of my original paintings and drawings into multi-media Diangles, which are mounted on canvas or wood panels.  Quilters will find Diangles especially fun – they’re never stitched down, you can always change your mind and re-arrange them.  Just 4 Diangle Blocks will make these variations and more!

Diangles can be hung on the wall in a frame or shadow box, hung individually, or serve as a coffee table puzzle for your guests to play with.  You can see my current collection throughout this holiday season at Studio 262 in downtown Corvallis.

By re-arranging several diangle squares, you can create patterns to suit your mood or the season.  The more squares, the more patterns you can create.

(Yes, OSU fans, those are beaver skulls… but check out the title!)

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