A “resident artist” should be more than just an artist making art in your local park or wilderness area or school – when I am “in residence”, you get to play, too!

My most recent residency was at the Los Angeles National Forest – click here for a summary and photos of “arting in the campground”.  Chris Fabbro of the L.A.N.F. wrote this after he received the finished sketchbook journal, “Kerry, I LOVE, love, love this!”

Here’s another description of a recent residency, with lots of examples from the sketchbook journal I created for them.  And some good words from the Spring Creek Project Director, “The Sketchbook is stunning! Thank you so much for your contribution to the Trillium Project.”

Residencies can be structured in many ways, but generally I like to make one creation myself (which you  keep), I guide public participation to make one collaborative creation (also for you to keep), and provide materials for each participant to have “something to take home.”

For example, say you want to commemorate an important event in your state park.  I might paint a large triptych of part of the landscape.  As I worked on it, I would encourage passersby to add their own unique twist to another large work – maybe a cutout leaf shape would be embellished and added to a tree.  Then I would offer the participant another leaf shape to be completed as an ornament and taken home as a memento.  With just a little encouragement, people love to rediscover their “inner child” and dive into art.  Involving the public is an effective way for you to make your point – people feel like they “own” the park or school or memory once they’ve contributed.

Arranging Quilt Blocks

Arranging Quilt Blocks

In the past I have focused primarily on textile projects, but I am sewing less and drawing or painting more these days.  I would love to talk with you about  organizing an artist residency in your area, or creating a special commissioned piece for you – please see my Artist’s Biography for more information about me, or e-mail me at

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