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7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Sharyn Moriguchi

    Dear Kerry, I was your seat partner (by mistake!)on the flight from Chicago to Portland. It was such an enjoyable 4-1/2 hours spent chatting with you. Thanks for sharing your life stories with me. Little did I know how talented a person you are….so talented, but yet so humble.
    I have several neighbours who would appreciate your website and have forwarded the information on to them. Will be sure to keep in touch with you. Take good care of yourself…..perhaps we can meet again one
    day. Bye for now, Sharyn

  2. Becky Fairbank

    Hi Kerry! We would love to order some of the cards you did for Blue Raeven Farmstand. Please email me!
    Thank you! They are AWESOME!

  3. Tracy Byers

    Thank you for the lovely rendering and thought! So fun to see them sketched up!
    It’s not just the tradition that is worth getting up early for- it’s the person as well :)

  4. Helen Wallis

    Many thanks for the sketch of my 25 year old self! Gary and I spent 6 days in Madrid and Toledo. The first floor of the Prado alone was worth the trip, along with Guernica at the Reina Sofia. Lost Etta at Christmas- she just wandered off- so we are left with Minnie the Moron who still cannot miaow properly, but is adorable and has wangled her way into the bed at night. Gary is such a pushover and she is very good at looking very cute in a tatty shabby sort of way.
    Love Helen

  5. Shirley Strub

    Your journal is absolutely fabulous! (OK, ab-fab!) I really look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
    Shirley Strub

  6. Tracy Byers

    Thanks for taking the time to do this Kerry- it is so fun to go on your adventure “with you” through your sketches and writing!! Miss you here, but will make sure to can some applebutter for you!


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