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Sketchbook to Brooklyn Art Library: Check!

The Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library is a marvelous concept – check it out http://www.sketchbookproject.com/.  My finished sketchbook is definitely the rough product of a fun learning process – I used it to explore one of my favorite techniques, which is bordering my sketches.  Some of the books I saw last spring at the Brooklyn Art Library were anything but rough, but when I started this book I didn’t have the bandwidth or the studio space to do what so many artists did, which was to completely reconstruct the book using fancy papers, fabric, etc.  So I decided to treat it like a “real” sketchbook, where I doodle and think and write.  And the best part is – it’s done!  And mailed!  Feels like quite an accomplishment!  Watch for it when the Sketchbook Project comes to a town near you!

Eight – -no, 4! –Days and Counting

I posted this digital montage the other night when I was so
tired that I managed to delete all the text that went with it.  Now, six days later, I’ve finally got the presence of mind to type it into a text editor, then paste into the blog so I
don’t delete it with the stroke of a tired heavy thumb!  I made this several years ago, watercolor meets August berries via photoshop – it seemed appropriate since I haven’t had time to sketch much, given the frenzy of packing, and the last-minute details
of arranging a 4-month leave of absence from Life in Corvallis.

The names of fabulous museums and institutions of art education and galleries and artists and designers are swimming in my head – Tate, Ruskin, Battersea, Oxford, Victoria and Albert… ohmigosh!  I am really going!   People I work with look at me with disbelief for the most part – FOUR MONTHS? Relatives and close friends raise their eyebrows … some actually say it – how the hell can you afford this?  We rented our house to people who are willing (bless their hearts) to take care of the cats, we’ll be staying with friends or family (bless their hearts), and … it’s complicated.  We live simply and small, because we live for adventure and the people we love who live far away.   This is our chance – we are both healthy, we are both ready for change, the nest is empty.  Yes, the stock market is flaky, the dollar is sliding, London has been burning, travel is risky, they’ll probably confiscate my toenail scissors, but I’d rather die in a London riot than rot in Corvallis!

To quote Buzz Lightyear, To Infinity and Beyond!

graphic mixed media

Berry Baskets