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sketch of red-haried girl

Hannah, mixed media by Kerry McFall

Hannah loves Legos.  She loves to draw.  She loves her dog.  She has gorgeous red hair and a winning smile.  At some point during the family festivities, we both got bored, and out came the art supplies.  When I asked if she wanted just a portrait of her face, or of all of her, she immediately said, “All of me!”  That surprised me, because many youngsters on the threshold of being a teen are self conscious and awkward.   She is uncomplicated.  Life is good.  It’s that simple.  For now.

I took a photo and just now finished the sketch from that.  I wonder if she will recognize herself – her face is maybe what she will see in the mirror in another year, and feet are not my strong suit…   I left out the elaborate Lego graphic design on her tee because this wasn’t about Lego, it was about her.  My Resident Art Critic wondered if I shouldn’t add more paint, but I’m not adding any more anything – simple subject, simple treatment.  And if I keep going, I’m afraid I’ll mess it up!

She lives in New York State, a second cousin once removed of my husband’s if I followed the family tree properly – those “removed” relations have always puzzled me.  In my family, either you were a cousin, or you lived a long ways away and no one kept track.  I wish she lived closer because it would be fun to watch her grow as an artist.  Maybe we can keep in touch digitallly – we’ll see!