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Thoughts on Being a Skype Granny


pixelated tea party

Virtual Tea, Anyone?


Will I forever be defined by my old fluffy bathrobe in the memories of my grandchildren?  The skype calls from their time zones inevitably catch us at the Sunday breakfast table, puffy-eyed, sticky-outie-haired, and in my case, wrapped in my 1980’s faux-Navajo-blanket fleece robe.  I won’t even describe the jammies… when the transmission gets pixelly, I think it’s probably a good thing!

Or will they remember the impromptu puppet shows where oven mitts sneak up behind the unsuspecting Griffy-Pop and begin to “chew” on his ears?  Or the parade of unwilling kitties having thier paws waved at the computer until they squirm out of our grasp?  Or the ‘tea parties’ where we slurp imaginary tea, served up generously  into virtual teacups, by Crazy Granny Kerry in the dusty old garden hat she dredged up from the hook on the back door? 

Skype is way, way better than plain old phone calls, of course, – in fact, it’s Real Magic.  But a Real Hug wouldn’t go amiss…