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Thoughts about Facebook Going META

Posted November4, 2021 by Kerry McFall

Hmph.  As in ‘Harumph’, or perhaps, “Get off my digital lawn!”

C’mon, Zuck – get over yourself.  Yes, you’re pretty smart.  Yes, you started a pretty cool social media platform.  But it has evolved in the way that the Covid virus has, too fast to keep up with, even for you with all your money and minions.  It got away from you, and evidently did more than a little damage…

mountain road with Turn Around sign

“Second Thoughts”
mixed media by Kerry McFall

But then again, it has done some good things.  For those of us who were early FB adopters, we have used it for lo these many years (has it been 15?) to try to keep up with what our teens were up to – now we watch for the rare pix of our grandkids.  Younger generations backed away from it pretty quickly, but it has given me ways to keep in touch with distant friends and relatives minus the tedium of maintaining the old dog-eared Christmas Card address book.  For me as an artist and sketcher, it has given me an enjoyable way to see the works of like-minded people I’ve met (some in person, some in online classes) all over the world – here again, their entries just pop up, I don’t have to remember their names or email addresses.  I will miss all those people.

And I’m missing them already, because I see what’s coming… if we act on our revulsion to the various sorts of damage being reported, very soon it may become an electronic wasteland.  Calling it “META” won’t make it “betta”.  You gonna try to fix it, Zuck?  Yeah, no*.  I didn’t think so.  Dang.

(I’m pretty sure my highschool English teacher is spinning in her grave at this phrase, but for once, yeah, no, it almost makes sense!)