Daily Archives: May 29, 2013


sketch of trumpet

“Rob’s Trumpet”, mixed media by Kerry McFall

Went downtown to a cafe last night to something called a “sandbox” where some local musicians advertised live percussion and sketching.  Rob Birdwell was kind enough to let me stare at his trumpet for awhile to get my sketching muscles warmed up – it’s amazing to think that just air twirling around inside a metal tube can come out so beautifully.  Rob is an absolute master musician, skilled with many instruments apparently, and an enthusiastic teacher and conductor.   Good music, good sketching opportunity but it’s going to take a bit of practice to be able to work in the dim light and catch the moods and movements of the drummers.  I’ve never seen so many different kinds of drums!  I seemed to be the only sketcher in the group, but maybe we can get some more folks to give it a try when they meet again next week.