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sketch of red flowers and green leaves

…”Wild Currants”, mixed media copyright by Kerry McFall

Hummingbirds allegedly love these wild currant blossoms, and birds enjoy the tiny fruits come late summer… but honestly, the best part is that they’re just so pretty, and they take such little care.    You plant ’em, they’re happy!  They are in full bloom today, dripping with lipstick pink clusters, a welcome relief from grey skies.  I took a couple of photos along the way as I made this piece – the process is usually as much fun as the result.  Since I’ve been trying to get to an “Art Nouveau” style, mostly by using black lines, that’s where I started.  As usual, I got distracted by experimenting with 1/4″ line tape, too many colors and my white china marker, so the Art Nouveau kind of went out the window…

The process happened over a couple of afternoons, so although it doesn’t count as a “daily sketch”, a piece of it happened on a daily basis.  And since I leave tomorrow for a month in Brooklyn, leaving behind all the fuss and bother of daily life at home, I’m hoping sketching can once again become a daily event!