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The Watch House Chapter

"The Watch House", by Kerry McFall, copyright 2011, mixed media.

  If I were going to start a new novel, I think I would set it here in London, in the Brick Lane area, and it would center around the colorful history of this small building, and St. Matthew’s church and the other odd little buildings scattered around it.  We have been privileged to stay with people who know so much about this place and who can just pop over to the book shelf and come up with a handful of history pamphlets about local denizens like Jack the Ripper, Dorothy L Sayers, the Elephant Man… the list goes on.  The bricks in Brick Lane were awash not so long ago witih the horrors that Dickens touched upon and evidently only hinted at.  Now on Sunday afternoons those same bricks are covered with the well-heeled feet of literally thousands of upscale young trendsetters intent on being seen and drinking outrageous amounts of alcohol… but behind the graffiti-sprayed metal shop doors, and above the scenic pubs, the same ethnic pots bubble and boil.  What a fascinating chapter this has been for us!We now have just a few days left in London, so we are saying our thank yous to our new London friends: to Helen and Gary and Pat for a festive supper at “The Dog” in Dulwich last night, to Sebastian and Squeak and all of their friends and family for sharing their warmth and cheer, and to Fiona for stepping happily up to the plate at the last minute and even putting up new curtains for us in the sunny guest room!  We may not have the traditional American Thanksgiving dinner this year, but we are truly Thankful for our Blessings!

"Squeak", by Kerry McFall, mixed media