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Pula! (Rain!)

Woke up with aching joints like home… no wonder, it’s finally raining!  This is the “rainy season” they tell us, but we’ve been here 12 days and this is the first Pula we have seen.  In the Botswana language, Pula means Rain, Life, and Money, all in one.  It’s also what you say instead of good-bye, wishing for rain for the future.  Very astute.

Mostly I’ve been “arting” with the kids since we arrived in Botswana.  That’s what Masego calls it – it’s the all inclusive verb for painting, drawing, using markers or crayons, whatever – as in, she sees a flower she likes and trills, “Grandma, let’s art it!”. 

"Botswana Baskets", mixed media by Kerry McFall