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That Monkey Needs a Hat

teddy bear sketch

"No Worries" by Kerry McFall, colored pencil

My husband surprised me with a birthday trip to the movies this weekend – not swashbuckling Jonny Depp, not deep and dark Harry Potter, but willy nilly old Pooh!  I knew as soon as the little girl from the audience finished her under-the-movie-screen-impromptu-ballet as the credits rolled, what my next sketch had to be.  Alligator the Bear (no one remembers the exact logic of his name…) and Monkey the Monkey (plenty of logic there, if you’re two years old) are some of Ben’s Best Friends in the World.  They don’t live with him now because they don’t enjoy Beer Pong as much as they might if they could actually drink beer.  They live on top of the corner cabinet now, on the shelf above the Hank Aaron baseball shrine.  No worries.  Not a one.

Teddy bears and sock monkeys are good subjects.  They do tend to have a little trouble sitting up straight for long periods, but they never complain that you didn’t capture their smiles properly.  The resident critic thought that Monkey looked like he was wearing a Saturday Night Live bald head after the first pass, so I worked a little more on that aspect.  As I did, it dawned on me that most sock monkeys have little hats with a red pompom on top… I wonder why I didn’t make one when I made this monkey?

photo of bear and monkey

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