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sketch of redwood tree and leaning pole

View from Our Front Window

The sun shone all afternoon, giving me both time and inspiration to finally sketch the redwood in the park across the street.   I’ve sat and stared many hours at the huge, beautiful trees, trying to decide how to make a good composition out of this strange little park.  It is the oldest city park in town, dating from the late 1800’s.  The trees keep it green and shady year round.  It is surrounded by motley little houses built beginning in the first few decades of the 1900’s, and by the pickups and beaters driven by college students too cheap to pay the university parking fees.  “No Dogs Allowed” the sign says, but a much more appropriate sign would be “No Males Between 14 and 24 Allowed.”  The dogs that play in the park are too busy chasing Frisbees or rolling in the grass with their children to do any damage.  The young males, however, are Hazards to themselves and society.  They spit, they pee, they shout obscenities, they break whatever they can reach.   There are exceptions, of course, but not many!

But I digress.  The tree itself leans slightly south, the utility pole is teetering north.  The combination is unsettling as I step out the door each morning… vertigo anyone? I also wonder about the dead top of the tree, which judging by the overall shape has been blown out or zapped off more than once.  The city arborist assures me it can and will grow a new top.  I hope so!

This sketch was created in colored pencil, then manipulated in Photoshop.