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Easy As Pie

"Summer Pie Social", mixed media by Kerry McFall

“Summer Pie Social”, mixed media by Kerry McFall

Pie fixes everything, even summer coming to an end.  Our friend Charlyn Ellis hosts a Pie Social several times a year, where lucky guests bring a “pie”, then enjoy samples of anything and everything from the loaded table, along with easy-going conversation.  This summer’s social was in her shady back garden, where cats and bunnies and chickens sat with us hoping for a dropped berry or some flaky crust.  Calories be damned, we got to eat as many desserts as we wanted, right in the middle of the day!  Such decadence!

I faced this truth years ago: pie crust is not that easy.  I’m pretty sure my mother originated the expression “easy as pie” just to make the rest of  us feel inadequate.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can wind up with something closer to Naugahyde than the fabled tender golden crust.  It’s also messy to do from scratch…  and since I’m not the only one to reach theses conclusions down through time, the definition of pie has always been flexible.  For example, think of all the variations, like crisps, buckles, cobblers, etc.  The definition continues to evolve as folks revise their recipes to suit their gluten-free or low-fat or vegan or “I don’t actually cook” needs, resulting in a very colorful and diverse table.  The most recent social’s table included, in addition to some truly delicious fruit pies, chocolate cheesecake, and a bonus peach upside down cake.  My husband even made his special chocolate banana pudding with vanilla wafers (that’s the easiest kind of pie of all, the ones I don’t have to make!)  Yum!

Thanks, Charlyn, for a great summer memory and sketch opportunity.


Pie Fixes Everything

sketch of pie and box

“Pie Fixes Everything”, mixed media by Kerry McFall

Oh, the Restraint!  I have still – after three hours – not eaten my Farmer’s Market prize yet… but after staring at it for all that time as I painted, I can tell you that my resolve is weakening.

The “RD” in the crust stands for Razzle Dazzle flavor, which is raspberries, blueberries, and Marionberries.  Our local pie maker’s booth features the “Pie Fixes Everything” logo and stacks of brown boxes filled with pies that rival even my Mother’s (it’s okay, she doesn’t do Internet!).  I wholeheartedly agree that a pie can fix everything, although I think that biscuits may actually provide a better fix because you can put butter on them, but that’s just me.

It’s been a glorious summer beginning today: a sunny walk to the market, breakfast with SueAnn, some on-site sketching, great people watching, fun painting, shared a turkey sandwich for lunch with my cat, and now PIE!