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Odell Denizens

Odell Mackinaw Trout, mixed media by Kerry McFall

Odell Mackinaw Trout, mixed media by Kerry McFall

A couple more sketches from last weekend’s trip to Odell Lake Lodge.  In the fireplace lobby, there is a life-size sculpture of three Mackinaw Trout title “Mack Attack”.  Each fish is about 40″ long (just guessing, didn’t measure, daughter of a fisherman so prone to enlargement…) and each one has a unique expression.  It must be made of some kind of resin, perhaps actual casts of individual fish, because you can see/feel the individual scales .  It’s quite impressive!  If I had done this on watercolor paper instead of lighter weight sketch paper, I would have added several more layers of watercolor riffles and currents, but the paper began to curl so I left it at this.  Done with brown ink, china marker and white colored pencil for the spots, colored pencil, and watercolor wash.

sketch of mounted elk

Odell Elk, colored pencil and ink by Kerry McFall

Above the fireplace, mounted on the knotty pine wall and open beams, hangs a magnificent elk head.  The chimney tends to be smoky on windy days, so his coat is slightly dimmed by a fine coating of ash and soot.  It’s weird drawing an animal from 18 feet below its chin, but it presented an interesting challenge.  My intent was to finish with watercolor washes, but the skiers came home about the time I was pulling out my watercolors, and I thought it would be wise to just go play with all the kids and let them share my colored pencils instead — scroll down to the previous post to see one of the young artist’s renditions of this elk!  Done with brown ink and colored pencil.  Looking at these sketches from a week away, I sure wish I could go sit by that fire and commune with these guys again!