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sketch of a purple onion

"Onion", mixed media by Kerry McFall

This semi-dried onion presented itself the other day when I was moving the compost bin.  Somehow it escaped the cleanup of last weekend, and basked in the hot sun for a few days.  I started to toss it into the bin, but several layers fell away to reveal a GORGEOUS shiny purple heart.  Underneath the papery exterior glistened a firm globe, full of promise for either a really big purple onion next year, or a nice addition to tomorrow’s omelet.  Either way, it was destiny.  The challenge recently has been that my scanner has given up the proverbial ghost, so I’m resorting to closeup photos for posts.  Mostly it works, this one I had a little trouble with the edges so I just filled them in with Photoshop.  What this needs is a recipe up in the left corner I think, but not today… just going to head to the local taqueria for supper and call it a day.

A Great Harvest… if you like onion seeds

colored pencil sketch of onion blossoms

Onions Blossoms by Kerry McFall

Taking it to the next level – the sketch and the related graphic border.  My main crop this year is last year’s onions, which are in full bloom in celebration of the beginning of July and fnally – two straight days of sunshine!  My raised bed looks like a salute to Russian dome architecture.  The curve of the onion bulb underground is duplicated in the curve of the bulb that contains the blossoms, and each individual blossom duplicates a tiny version of that same sensuous curve… which seemed to say to my brain: this calls for tessellations!  This border is more of an echo, and  isn’t quite a tesselation, but it is getting closer to what I invision for my sketch journals: words as well as graphics on the paper.