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A Great Harvest… if you like onion seeds

colored pencil sketch of onion blossoms

Onions Blossoms by Kerry McFall

Taking it to the next level – the sketch and the related graphic border.  My main crop this year is last year’s onions, which are in full bloom in celebration of the beginning of July and fnally – two straight days of sunshine!  My raised bed looks like a salute to Russian dome architecture.  The curve of the onion bulb underground is duplicated in the curve of the bulb that contains the blossoms, and each individual blossom duplicates a tiny version of that same sensuous curve… which seemed to say to my brain: this calls for tessellations!  This border is more of an echo, and  isn’t quite a tesselation, but it is getting closer to what I invision for my sketch journals: words as well as graphics on the paper.