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Misty Valley Tennessee

sketch of Tennessee old barn

"Misty Valley Barn," mixed media by Kerry McFall

Two weeks in Tennessee trying to keep up with a four-year-old and a 10-month-old, and no workable internet connection, meant limited sketching and no blog posts.  This is my favorite of the five that I managed to finish, showing the old barn at the neighboring property where we stayed in Knoxville.  As Henry the four-your-old pointed out, it’s called Misty Valley because it’s misty.  Misty means filled with mockingbird melodies in the morning, and muggy so you fell like you are a stale jelly donut all day and the powdered sugar on your skin has turned very, very sticky… all part of the love-hate relationship I have with the south.

Update – Monday 10/8/2012 This is what the owner of the barn wrote to my son when he received a copy of the piece:  Hello, Thank you so much for this watercolor, it’s just beautiful, she sure did do that old barn justice! Tell her we love it. She can paint anything around here that she wants to. Thank you so much, neighbor.. Dee and Dennis

Here are a couple of other sketches.