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Gentle Reminder

"Goodnight Moon", acrylic, by Kerry McFall

I painted this from a sketch I made in one of my life drawing sessions at Battersea Art Centre in London. I donated it to a local fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness.  I hope the nudity doesn’t offend anyone, but how can you be aware of your breasts if you don’t look at them?  Now, go stand in front of your mirror and do your self check.  Thanks.

Life Drawing: A Lot to Learn

"Portrait - Session 3", by Kerry McFall

 I’ve finally worked up the nerve to post one of my sketches from the Life Drawing sessions I’ve been attending on Thursday evenings.  They’re not X-rated, it’s just that most of them are quick studies by someone who is pretty clueless about technique, and thus not ready for prime time.  I have learned a lot in three lessons, supplemented by my other drawing classes, and even though I’m fairly pleased with this one, I realize that there is still a long way to go… but what a trip!

Londoners tend to add R’s to things in the oddest places – for example, everyone here talks about “DrawRings”, reminiscent of JFK or folks from Boston.  And all of the instructors want us to drawr using charcoal and big easels… which I hate.  Charcoal is SO messy, and especially during the second session, I managed to get it all over my jacket and shirt and bag… ick.  Given the challenge of doing laundry on the road, I’m going to stand my ground from now on and work in pencil in my sketchbook.  It’s still a bit messy, but at least I can usually manage to keep the smudges just on my hands instead of all over the city, which is dirty enough without me contributing more black smudges!