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Call & Response 2015 – Coming up January and February at La Sells on OSU Campus


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Reception Tuesday, January 27th

The Call and Response show has become a community tradition and something of a magical mystery tour for viewers.  This will be my 4th year responding to our seven other members, plus we’ve added a couple dozen guest artists!  As a viewer, your job is to figure out how each “response” relates to the original “call” – this year’s overall theme is Opposites.  Sometimes it takes three or four times around the gallery to see all the connections… It’s fun!  Let me know if you’d like a personal guided tour – I can give you a few hints here and there!  I’m also going to post each image here along with commentaries once the show gets going – stay tuned.

Here is your invitation:



Struttin’ Our Stuff at LaSells

"Strut", 16 x 20", $250, mixed media on canvas by Kerry McFall

We just finished hanging “Call and Response III” at the LaSells Stewart Center Giustina Gallery on the OSU campus – whew, that’s a lot of work… but so worth it.  I love the way the “pods” go up, and it’s fascinating to be a part of the group dynamics.  Over the course of the eight hours we spent together, we each stepped in to specific tasks and roles, eventually evolving into quite an efficient team.  Now, tired but happy, we are looking forward to Monday night’s reception.  And we’re also pretty pumped to think that Michelle Obama, and any number of dignitaries will very likely see our works while she’s in town for the OSU graduation ceremonies – woohoo!

The rooster piece pictured above is not technically part of the Call and Response suite, but it’s also being shown at the gallery.  It’s my newest work, incorporating a “coloring page” design from last year.  It’s fun, but looking at all of our work in the gallery, it occurs to me that nothing I do is subtle.  My colors are always saturated, vivid, perhaps even LOUD.  Maybe I’ll make that a goal, to see if I can tone it down a bit in the next few months.  Then again, I like loud!