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Paris, Athens, London… and Possum Hollow

Day before yesterday, we were in Paris, Athens, London, and Possum Hollow… all in one day, and all in the Great State of Kentucky!  Paris even had a cute little Eiffel tower replica in front of the feed store.

Driving through horse country was a visual treat, with “The Colors” at their full luminous peak.  If you can stay off the freeways and on what we used to call the “Blue Highways”, you can see old black tobacco barns, farms with “hex symbols” on the outbuildings, foxes, mules, intricate stone walls… I’d love to go back and do a sketching tour.

"Ohio View," mixed media by Kerry McFall

“Ohio View,” mixed media by Kerry McFall

We took an unexpected side trip to Rockbridge, Ohio, in the Hocking Hills to stay as guests of a new friend in his country house, which was filled with art created by various members of his family.  This was the view of essentially uninterrupted woods, illuminated by the last rays of sun.  The deck was thick with dead lady bugs, which was sad, and we encountered them in several places in Tennessee also.  Evidently they swarm this time of year, trying to find shelter before the first freezes.  From this spot, our rental car “Never Lost” gps  (perhaps a slight misnomer) led us a merry chase through the countryside, up ridges and down hollows – luckily, we even found a few remaining country diners.

And now we’re back in Knoxville, about to head West… I just need about three more days to finish my sketches!