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Peppermint Poinsettias

"Peppermint Poinsettia", mixed media by Kerry McFall

I took a tag from the “Giving Tree” at work, which said “10 year old boy” on the front, and “HexBug Robotic Ant” on the back.  The resulting shopping event was such fun – turns out there really is such a thing as a robotic ant, about the size of a healthy Georgia “Palmetto Bug”, only purple… just about the coolest toy since Slinkies!  Then I found a book at GoodWill titled, “Is That a Dead Dog in Your Locker?” – perfect for the small unknown male if he’s anything like most of the males I have known, although perhaps not an enduring classic.  Throw in a box of 10 Crayola markers just in case he’s a budding artist, a couple packs of Pop Rocks, and I think I will have covered all the bases… Have fun, Little Man!

It’s going to be a quiet Christmas for us this year, assuming of course that the planet is still spinning after the End of the World As We Know It event on 12/21/12.  We’re staying home, the kids are scattering.  Life’s Rich Pageant marches on, and sometimes what you need is a nice cup of peppermint tea and plenty of time to stare at a candle flame and/or sketch a wildly RED poinsettia.  This piece started out using my Pentel brush pen, the one that says to me, “You can’t possibly do every petal so don’t try.”  A few layers of watercolor and colored pencil, and voila – Christmas Card is done!  Maybe I’ll get some printed and mailed, or maybe I’ll just light another candle!  Happy Holidays!