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Life’s a Peach

watercolor sketch of peaches

"Three Peaches", mixed media by Kerry McFall

We’ve been waiting an entire year for the perfect peach… and these did not disappoint.  Juicy, firm, sweet… in a word, peachy.  I stood at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, talking to the pie lady, and realized that I was actually petting the peaches as they sat proudly on their little tray… she laughed like she didn’t believe me when I said I was going home to paint them before I ate them.  She said there had been more than one child with peach juice dripping off the chin being dunked in the nearby fountain for a quick clean-up that morning.  Her pies were delicious, too.  For me, the perfect shopping trip: potato bread, peaches, corn, and a berry pie.  The four summer food groups!

This sketch turned out to be more watercolor than anything else.  If I had it to do over, I would leave a little more of a glowing fuzzy edge to try to capture the peach fuzz, and I would be more careful with the perpsective on the table cloth stripes… but I can’t do it over, because the peaches are history!