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sketch of asparagus

“Asparagus by the Bunch”, colored pencil by Kerry McFall

Easter dinner: ham, twice-baked potatoes, and roasted asparagus, followed by coconut creme tart.  The asparagus was so very green, with such very lavender leafy bits – what would you call those bits?  leaflets? – that dinner was delayed while I finished this sketch.  I thought about adding a watercolor wash at several points, but decided it was okay the way it was, and anyway, it’s just meant to be a Dailly Sketch, not a MasterWork.  Not to mention, I was hungry.   In the spirit of full disclosure, I didn’t have any fresh garlic, and sadly, garlic powder on roasted asparagus just doesn’t cut it.  Besides which, the spears were too skinny and therefore tough.  The ham, in the immortal words of Garrison Keillor, was pretty good.  And, no, I didn’t make the coconut tart, Market of Choice did, and my mother could certainly teach them a thing or two about tender flaky crust.  But you can’t go wrong with twice-baked potatoes!