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Neptune’s Horses

Seashell sketch

Neptunes Horses

 …or Triton’s Stallions?  I thought I had already posted this, but somehow I skipped it.  A couple of weekends ago I went to Depoe Bay, Oregon, with my dear friends from Loosely Bound for a “retreat”.  We laughed and sewed and left behind the news and the Internet and all the rest of it, and I found a shell in a kitchen basket to sketch.  Not native, I’m sure, but colorful enough to merit trying Liz’s new watercolor metallic pencils.  The paper wasn’t quite the right weight to withstand the water wash, but I like the way the ripples looks like sun rays when it was scanned.  And the horses?  Shirley, who spends a good deal of time at the coast, told us that when the surf is high like it was that Saturday, and the wind blows it back on itself, it’s call Neptune’s Horses… or was it Triton’s Stallions?  Next time I’d like to focus just on those stallions, they were breathtaking.