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Being In the Moment

sketch of bikes and flowerbaskets

“Waterfront Flowerbaskets” mixed media by Kerry McFall

Last Friday afternoon – as in Friday before last – I sketched as I waited for my friends Martha and Sue Ann to join me at Flat Tail Brewery.   Sue Ann arrived first, saw I was sketching, returned to her car, and came back with her sketchbook.  But we got so instantlly involved in conversation that I didn’t draw another line, and she never opened her sketchbook.  Then Martha arrived moments later, and we were immersed in “catching up” – on our kids, our lives, our dreams (Yes, Virginia, middle-aged women still have dreams).  We laughed, we nearly cried, we had a good time.   The sketch only had a few flowers showing a bit of color, but I decided not to take it any further,  that it captured pefectlly that transition when you drop what you’re doing and plunge into the Moment and Be There.  No multi-tasking.  No drifting off, no loss of focus.  That’s what friends are for.  That’s what Summer is for.  That’s what Friday’s are for!   So I signed it with my little “chop” symbol, and here it is, Photoshopped just a tad so you can see the pencil lines.