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Aliens Land In Cleveland

"Star Gazer" sketch by Kerry McFall

“Star Gazer” sketch by Kerry McFall

This lady was about 6″ tall and completely captivated me.  She stands in the Cleveland Art Museum, staring intently at her plexiglass enclosure through to the ceiling.  Such simple lines.  I am not sure exactly how she wound up in Ohio after being dug up in Turkey, but I am convinced that she must represent an alien traveler that was stranded here on earth eons ago… the grace of her slender body, the shape of her head, tiny pinpoint eyes, none of which bear any resemblance to female statuettes from ancient times (at least not that I’ve ever seen).  Well, okay – maybe Egyptian… but the alien theory works for me!

Cleveland was a little detour en route to Eerie.  The flight to Ohio offered several people-sketching opportunities from magazine ad photos (below), then the art museum and the Cleveland Botanical Garden provided more sketch fodder .   The Botanical Garden provided a fluttery bonus in the glass house – dozens of tropical butterflies on the wing!  I took lots of photos and will be working on paintings from them soon, in between drawing lessons with a curly-headed two-year old, who really can dial Lithuania with amazing speed and stealth…