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Where Mockingbird’s Dream

Fabric birdhouse photo
Available only via the Silent Auction at The Arts Center

Who can resist peeking into a birdhouse?  If you’re lucky (and very quiet), you find beaky  little heads that seem to split in half as they open ever so wide for food.  Sometimes you find fairies – no, seriously!  Sometimes you only find tiny feathers… and bird poop… 

I remember listening with my children to our local mockingbird as it perched on our Atlanta chimney. Mockingbirds seem to burst with music, for no apparent reason other than the love of singing.  A mockingbird’s musical range is truly a wonder to behold.

We never did see where mockingbird’s dream when we lived in Georgia (they’re very private at night, and to tell the truth, they tend to avoid human-built birdhouses), but if this house was tucked into a sweet gum tree, or perhaps a low holly bush, what mockingbird family could resist those warm, downy quilts?

What you see here when you peek in shows my colored pencil drawing of the sleeping quarters of the Tullie Smith house, built circa 1840, located on the grounds of the Atlanta Historical Society.  Wait – is that a fairy nightgown?!  

Look in the upper left room!

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