Sally Lightfoot

Posted April 10, 2018 by Kerry McFall

If you teach your children to love to travel, you’re likely to spend your “golden years” sketching from their photos of places you haven’t been and wondering if their passports are going to expire while they’re exploring exotic locales … the Galapagos in this case.

painting of crab on rocks above sea

“Sally Lightfoot, Galapagos Crab”, mixed media by Kerry McFall

My daughter was just lucky enough to try a cruise in the Galapagos – not only does she travel, she is a concierge travel agent! ( then scroll down to Corey Cruzado Jay)  There’s a part of me that loves what she has been able to do, and another part that kinda wishes the world was less scary…

This is another in a series of experiments with plastic wrap over watercolor for backgrounds – I’m developing ways to “push” the channels in the wrap in the direction I want the paint to flow, and I’ve learned to do one area at a time, and use a little less water and a little more paint.  Another challenge is getting seafoam to look foamy and sand to look sandy…  It’s a process.  And in this case, the subject herself (Sally) didn’t get as much attention as she should have.  I learned a lot about crabs, though – for instance, this type doesn’t even pretend to make themselves less visible to predators.  They are SO out there with their brilliant orange against the black lava rocks it’s almost like they’re daring someone or something to try to pick them off the rock!