Word of the Day: Binkying (verb!)

Posted 4/5/2017 by Kerry McFall

After two straight days of struggling through robotic telephone “response” systems, for literally HOURS, I got supremely frustrated.  It’s very clear that our healthcare insurance and auto insurance industries are broken.  So I did the only thing any rational adult would do: picked some forget-me-nots, jammed them into a little vase, made a cup of tea, and drew bunnies binkying:

The resulting sketchbook page will not hold a place in art history, but once I stopped fuming and cursing I enjoyed the process.  The verb Binky is a new one, very fun – like the Irish verb “fooster,” it comes with its own giggle.  I learned it from a bunny enthusiast who brought her rabbits to our park across the street on Sunday.  Some unusual motion patterns caught my eye, and lo and behold, there were bunnies frolicking with great abandon!  The humans had quite a time capturing the rapturous rabbits when it was time for them to go home, but we enjoyed the performance.  Like baby goats gamboling – life at its woohooiest!

“Binkying Bunnies”, mixed media by Kerry McFall