The “42 Degrees and Raining” Blues

Posted March 7, 2017 by Kerry McFall

This is almost the worst weather Oregon has to offer.  It’s not just that it’s cold and wet and gray and miserable, the real issue is that it’s been like this for an eternity.  Since February 1st.  Seriously.  Oh, sure, there are a few soggy crocus here and there, but it’s too ugly and windy and wet to even go for a walk to see what’s sprouted lately.

Sketch of Audubon's warbler on suet feeder

“Suet Wars”, mixed media by Kerry McFall

When we returned from San Diego, I dug out the old suet cage and popped in a block of whatever Schmidt’s Garden Center had to offer last time I was there.  It didn’t get much attention for a month or so, but given the non-stop gross weather, it’s been a real hot spot this week!  When this fellow showed up a few days ago (Audubon’s warbler, aka yellow-rumped warbler according to Google), I was thrilled: color outside the dining room window!  Warm, golden – COLOR!  Then, lo and behold, a pair of bluebirds.  More COLOR, cheeky, sleek, and fairly exotic for this intown neighborhood!  Then some sassy juncos started a bit of a turf war with the warblers this morning, and it was hysterical to watch the strutting and bullying and yes, twittering… almost as much fun as watching an SNL skit about Trump… but I digress.

I begin to understand why people enjoy bird watching.  But just when you’ve found something relaxing and blood-pressure-lowering, some flea-bitten random cat slinks through the back yard and you come unglued, yelling and pounding on the window…    Ah, Spring!