Beyond the March

Posted January 22, 2017 by Kerry McFall

sketch of protesters in San Diego

“Women’s Protest March”, mixed media by Kerry McFall

I am “tickled pink” (pardon the expression) that the Women’s Marches went so well, and so peacefullly, all over the world.  In San Diego, my husband and I joined the marchers, enjoying the wit and wisdom and art of the signs people created, reveling in the multi-generational and multi-cultural flavor of the conversations around us, wishing we had brought our umbrellas!  Some of my favorites: “So many issues, so little signs!”  “I thought we got this s**t over with years ago!”  I didn’t make a sign, couldn’t decide…  I’m invoking the “80% of success is just showing up” principle.

The police we saw and talked with were courteous and not dressed like Storm Troopers, a big plus.  I kept looking around for, you know, snipers and FBI photographers and CIA drones… but not a one did I spy.  Which doesn’t mean that we don’t all now have our lovely faces in a big facial recognition database somewhere in the Cloud tagged T for Troublemakers – oops, there goes that little Conspiracy Theory voice in my head again, that one with the Tin Foil Hat…  Dang, wish I’d thought of the Tin Foil Hat before the march, that’s what I could have worn as a Pussy Hat alternative!  (see previous post here on my blog

It’s a good start.  My kids used to hate it when that was my response to a paper they were writing or a job they were working on.  Why?  Because the implication is unavoidable: we’re nowhere near being finished.  We did well, very well, but I’m quite certain that our President didn’t get the message…  and this being a democracy, we will never be able to stop working on equal rights, climate change, immigration issues, the quest for peace…

I for one have very little clue how to proceed.  Anybody got some fresh ideas?  Hey, wait – what if we all wrote REALLY LARGE letters to Mr. Trump and his crew, as in real paper letters in big decorated envelopes sent via USPS, every week, thus flooding the Whitehouse mail room (is that still a thing?)  Perhaps they would be less likely to be ignored.  Or knit stuff, like potholders, with messages, sending it to said hypothetical mail room.  Nice messages, of course, ever so sweet in a double entendre kind of way… Oh, I dunno.  Like I said, ideas anyone?