A Gus by Any Other Name…

Posted August 7, 2016 by Kerry McFall

Gus the First, i.e. the first Gus I painted in a portrait, was a Dog of Intention.  He knew what he wanted, which was to GO, anywhere.   We met in Marin County, CA last month, and I really enjoyed the challenge of painting his eyebrows.

dog portrait

“Gus the First,” mixed media by Kerry McFall

Gus the Second, with whom we are currently pet sitting here in Monrovia, CA, is a beast of a different color.  Chocolate color, to be exact.  And a different nature – A Dog of Disinclination.  I mean, it is 90 degrees out there in the boiling sun, and he was born in Great Britain so perhaps he just doesn’t prefer the heat.

chocolate lab with butterfly

“Face Off”, mixed media pet portrait by Kerry McFall

A butterfly teasing him fails to yield movement.  Or a duo of small yappy dogs challenging his territory.  Or even a ball being thrown!  If he could talk, I know he would be saying, in  a lovely Cockney accent, “Whatever.”  But that being said, he is well-behaved, easy to take care of, affectionate, and quiet.  He can sniff out a hidden treat blindfolded in seconds flat, which is the only clue that he is, indeed, at least part labrador.  Good boy, Gus!