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Happy Birthday Oregon!

Oregon became a state on Valentine’s Day, a particularly inspired piece of “branding” way back in 1859.  Although it wasn’t intentionally planned to celebrate either Valentine’s Day or Oregon statehood, I had a chance to spend the whole Valentine weekend “arting” at Odell Lake Lodge, one of the prettiest places in the state in my opinion.

painting of white mountain reflected in lake

“Sunny Morning, Diamond Peak”, mixed media by Kerry McFall, $30 print

This is an example of what Sketchbook Skool (my online art educators) would call Art B4 Breakfast, but in reality it was before, during, and after breakfast… and I was glad I started so early, because the sunshine only lasted a couple of hours.  The next morning was very gray, so it was a very different art opportunity.

I spent the entire weekend either in the dining room at the lodge, or in the big fireplace room, sketching and painting whatever struck my fancy, indoors and out.  The dining room is complete with binoculars on the windowsills so you can watch the eagles and mergansers above the lake or on the creek.  If you’re a skier, which I no longer am, that first day was terrific.  If you’re an artist, every day is terrific, rain, snow, or shine!  And my thanks to the Lodge staff for putting up with me and my paints, pencils, and pens being underfoot all weekend!


Spring Tease

Posted February 8, 2016 by Kerry McFall

sketch of red camelias

Campus Camelias, mixed media by Kerry McFall

I know we can still look forward to weeks of gray, gray, gray… but it is actually so bright outside that I used sunglasses today!  And there is not a cloud in the sky!  And flowers are beginning to bloom!

sketch of pink bike

Girlie Bike, mixed media by Kerry McFall

I walk more than I ride, especially in winter months, but there are always plenty of bikes on campus to use as subject matter for my art.  As “models”, they’re great: no charge to pose, and the ones in bike racks mostly hold still for long periods.  I have gained a new appreciation for the complexity of the machines as I learn to draw them. Even the simplest of cycles is a feat of kinetic mathematics –  just the way the spokes are arranged is a marvel.  In recent years, “retro” has become popular again, so we’re seeing lots of heavy fat tire bikes like the pearly girlie bike above.  I drew it on a paper bag, with a bit of watercolor wash for a background, followed by pink metallic gel pen, white Signo pigment ink, a bit of gouache for the whitewall tires, and a dash of colored pencil.