Winter Palette

Winter Landscape

“Willamette Valley’s Winter Palette”, mixed media by Kerry McFall, $35 8 x 10″ print

I had this post all ready to go a few days ago, hit the Publish button, and it just… went away.  Poofttt-t-t-t … off into the InterWebs somewhere, up there hanging off of one of Carl Sagan’s billyuns of stars…   So this is to test to see if the updates I did to the software “took” that day, or to see if I find gremlin fingerprints in the bowels of my computer… here goes.

1 thought on “Winter Palette

  1. Joan T

    I’ve enjoyed your last two posts. Great sketches and I laughed that you were inside the lodge not outside. I would do the same thing and usually did when I was in a ski area. We are hunkering down here with over a foot and a half of snow that has fallen so far. It makes things look pretty but it isn’t too convenient.

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