Drawing Game!

One of my Sketchbook Skool friends Kate Merriman is looking for an activity to do with folks at a community festival, so I wanted to share this with her – and you!  This little game is one that my friend SueAnn Belknap taught me years ago – it’s great for all ages, and be prepared for giggles!

All you need is a piece of paper and something to draw with.  Fold the paper in half, then unfold it and draw a “neck” in the middle – just two little lines, about a half inch apart.


Person 1 decides whether they want to draw the body or the head.  Fold it in half so you see the bottom of the neck if you want to do the body, or the top of the neck if you want to do the head.  Start at the neck and draw half a body.  It can be animal, vegetable (think Veggie Tales), or human – it just has to have a body and a head.  HIDE THE PAPER as you draw your half!   The more details you draw, the funnier it is in the end.  You could even draw some background!


Fold it, turn it over to the blank side, and give it to Person 2, who doesn’t know what’s on there!  AND NO PEEKING:


Person 2 now draws the other half, also HIDING THE PAPER.  Start at the neck.  When finished, open up and be amazed at how silly it is!



Be sure to autograph your half.  It’s fun to color them also, and they look great on the fridge!