Life’s Rich Pageant Marches On!

sketch of tulips with handwritten notes

“Flaming Tulips” mixed media by Kerry McFall

In spite of everything – in spite of earthquakes, mudslides, lost airplanes, insane political hijinx, everything – the life force of spring asserts itself.  Thankfully, the earth still seems to turn at the same speed, and winter lets go.  Hallelujah!

I am currently enthralled with my first online art class, Sketchbook Skool.  It is all-consuming, leaving my dining room “studio” looking like the aftermath of a major windstorm.  I sit here for hours, sketching, painting, then giggling and gasping at the creative outpouring from 1,000 students all over the planet as they post their artwork and share their insights and fears.  Just Wow.  It’s the same feeling I had when I first encountered the Urban Sketchers in New York City – these people are so wonderful.  And I am so lucky to be a part of this Rich Pageant!

Here are a few more sketches from this first weeks’ assignments:

1 thought on “Life’s Rich Pageant Marches On!

  1. Joan T

    I love both assignments from sketch school. The color on the one tulip makes it pop and the blue mocs are just rich and catch my eye. I’ve heard other people suggest pre-painting pages so you don’t have to wait for the background to dry. I thought about doing Sketchbook Skool but I just don’t have the time…especially if there are that many people taking part. Have fun! I’ll be checking in.

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