Visual Journaling: Affirmation

"Affirmation - Journal Page" mixed media by Kerry McFall

“Affirmation – Journal Page” mixed media by Kerry McFall

Spring is the ultimate affirmation.  We celebrate with symbols of our saintly (shamrocks) and pagan (painted eggs) pasts, we clean out drawers in some instinctive response to the urge to nest, we daydream in the park instead of doing our homework…

I’ve been taking a class at the local community college titled “Art Marketing/Support Group” from Cynthia Spencer, a well-know Corvallis ceramic and fine artist.  It has helped me focus and slow down.  Our final assignment was to make a plan to continue with what we’ve learned, so I whipped together a simplified version of a visual journal page.  As noted above, a visual journal or a sketch journal is a never-ending experiment, one which can be enjoyed as much during the making (cut, paste, scribble, splash!) as during the reminiscing a few weeks or years later when you thumb through the pages.  I don’t usually cut and paste much because I prefer to use my own drawings and designs, but after a prolonged daydreaming session, a nice reproduction (with source credited – thank you, Trader Joe’s catalog) provided a useful solution for meeting the deadline!