March Moon

sketch of moon behind tree branch

“March Moon”, mixed media by Kerry McFall

Last night I looked up from my book and was startled to see the full moon gazing back at me.  The moon is even more of a stranger in March in Oregon than the sun!  Rising like a pearly balloon over the park, it floated among the tree branches, silhouetting the swelling buds.  Over the phone lines, beyond the tops of the distant redwoods, shrinking as it rose, I watched it climb until it disappeared above my window.  I found myself thinking how I would paint it as I gazed… so, I painted it!  Now it just needs a poem, or a haiku…

1 thought on “March Moon

  1. Joan T

    I’ve just caught up on your last few posts. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, except for the brown, brown, brown. lol Unfortunately that is the color we are still seeing here…”winter brown.” You have such a variety of different items to sketch … I just love the pottery. I loved Santa Fe too, and would love to go back there at some time. The art and the jewelry call to me. lol Welcome home!

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