Drink ‘n’ Draw – What a Concept!

women drawing

Drink N Draw, by Kerry McFall

I like things that are properly titled.  The Drink n Draw events at the Majestic Theatre here in Corvallis are what they say they are: you drink, you draw.  Mostly you draw.  If you don’t know what to draw, Michael from the Drawing Board provides prompts in the form of a deck of cards from games that feature words.  Or, if you’re in a drawing people phase at the moment, your fellow sketchers become unknowing subjects. Wine and beer and soft drinks are available, and folks even bring cupcakes and crackers… sweet!

I was surprised and pleased at the turnout, particularly at the mix of ages.  And it sounds like Michael has been trying out some interesting approaches — I’m sorry I missed the event in May which I hear featured someone in costume posing.  I hope he tries that approach again, it was really fun when I did something similar in London.  So I’ll be going back, first Wednesdays of the month.  Cheers!

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