Salmonberries, not to be confused with Salmon Eggs

sketch of leaves and blossoms

“Salmonberry” mixed media copyright Kerry McFall

I have a young salmonberry bush against my back fence, and it is in full bloom, a harbinger of spring much in the way that daffodils are.  They bloom before they leaf out, which provides birds with soft orange berries right when they need it most, when they have babies in the nest in early summer.  The web page I read, courtesy of the Oregonian newspaper site, said that the leaves make a delicious tea combined with fresh strawberry leaves… I guess you have to pick off the slugs before you brew the tea!

And speaking of daffodils — I sketched a trumpeted flower a couple of weeks ago, I’ll find it and post it maybe tomorrow.  But for now, time to roll up the pencil case, pour a glass of Chardonnay, lure a cat onto my lap, and turn on Netflix.