Daily Archives: February 12, 2013

Fairy Flowers Among the Ruins

sketch of green and pink flowers

"Fairy Flowers Among the Ruins," mixed media copyright by Kerry McFall

It wasn’t easy to resist climbing across the skinny little rope separating me from a patch of gorgeous wildflowers, but I behaved myself.  At the edge of the Inca ruins at Sacsay Huaman, just above Cusco,  I snapped a couple of photos on the most magnified setting that I could.  These bell-shaped flowers were sprinkled in amidst some bright purpley-blue Lupines, and although I’m very familiar with lupine, I’ve never seen anything quite like these delicate fairy ballerina costumes, lacy green petticoats beneath bright pink skirts… I still didn’t get quite the detail that I had hoped for, nothing that a little abstraction and Photoshopping can’t fix.  I’ve tried to identify these via Google, but with no luck, so I’m hoping some of Corey’s friends in Peru can help me put a name to them.

Made with colored pencil, ink, watercolor, salt, white china marker, digitally manipulated in Photoshop