Daily Archives: January 11, 2012


"Tangled?" colored pencil sketch by Kerry McFall

Tangled?  Yes… but not so much the yarn as the emotions.  Back from what everyone has dubbed “the trip of a lifetime”, we are attempting to untangle the  threads.  Some will never unravel; they are tightly knit into the essence of our beings now – those are the threads that go back years, even decades, the threads that led us to open our homes and hearts to the people who became dear friends over the years and were our hosts for this adventure.  Some are wound into the ball of the future, waiting to be unleashed when a cat’s paw – or an earthquake, or the wind – sets them rolling again.  Some of the threads are loose ends, bits that came undone when no one was paying attention, or appeared out of nowhere – those are the “now what?” threads.  And those are the most difficult to untangle. It’s good to be home,  it’s important to be home… but to be honest, taking out the garbage and recycling on Tuesday night is way less glamourous than racing to catch a bus for the next performance of “Mama Mia” in London.  Ah, but Life’s Rich Pageant Marches On!