Nautical Themes

Drawing of Calais Docks

"Calais Docks", by Kerry McFall

Going back a few weeks in my Moleskine, I finished the quick sketch I did before dinner the night we stayed in Calais.  Dinner included wonderful little mussels, so i added those as a border.  The fishermen were mending their nets on the rocks below the hotel, and the boats in the harbor were anchored together in a necklace of ropes separated by bright orange buoys, so all of that became part of the “fabric” of the sketch.  Fun!

Following the nautical theme, we’re in the Putney region of London now, and we’ve found a great spot on the Thames to watch the rowing practices near the bridge. 

"Rowing at Putney Bridge", by Kerry McFall

The first night here I intended to capture just the chocolate river and the fading leaves, but suddenly the rowers came into view and I sketched them very quickly.  Turned out they were a bit too big for the river, but that’s what I like to think of as artistic license.  Then the sun came out from behind the clouds and set the leaves on fire, so suddenly it was a very different undertaking.  And I love the little sign that says “Bay liable to flooding,”… so subtle, so British.  They could say “don’t park here unless you want your car to float away,” but much like all of the “Mind the Gap” reminders  in the subways, they leave you to figure out the risks for yourself.