National Gallery: Little Bo Peep Finds Her Ewok Camels

sketch of painting

"Rebecca at the Well", by Kerry McFall, colored pencil

 About 300 years ago, an Italian named Giovanni Pellegrini made a lovely painting, meaning it to be about the Biblical story of Rebecca.  What he evidently didn’t know then was that there were probably very few blonde Hebrew women who dressed in the latest Italian fashions… or   that his camels looked like Ewoks, his Rebecca looked like Little Bo Peep, and the man Eliezer is a dead ringer for our friend Rob Robinson… So, out of all of the vast mesmerizing collection in the British National Gallery (not to be confused with the Briitish Museum, mind you), this was the painting that spoke to me.  As Griff is quick to point out, I haven’t figured out how to do female human faces yet, but I had a lot of fun with Rob and the camels!

2 thoughts on “National Gallery: Little Bo Peep Finds Her Ewok Camels

  1. Rob Robinson

    Oh no, how did I miss that painting when I was at the National Gallery a couple of years ago? Ha, it was a very pleasant surprise to find myself in your blog. “I” look a little diminuative for 6’2″ (1.88m). :)
    Trying to catch up with your posts after a recent trip we made through the Oregon Outback. SO different from your travels in Europe!
    I am thoroughly enjoying your sketches! Will you be making paintings or fabric art from them when (if?) you return home? The new technique/style you have used for the Koln Cathedral, London Eye and Trafalgar Square sketches looks great.

    Btw, the rainy season is getting started here…

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