Sun, Wine, and Good Company: Life is Good in Santa Rosa

sketch of vineyard

"Row 1", Benziger Family Winery, by Kerry McFall

 We just spent four lovely days in Santa Rosa and saw four lovely plays at SRT (Santa Rosa Theatre)… it’s hard to face reality after all that sun and fun.  Even after last year’s winery explorations, I am in awe of Sonoma County land use planning.  McMansion developments are few and far between, although castles at the vineyards seem to sprout up like mushrooms…  There are tasting rooms around every bend!  This trip was the “dress rehearsal” for sketching hours on end – and apart from still needing a “water brush”, I think I’ve got the basics down.  I still have klutz moments when colored pencils begin rolling off benches or tables, but that’s just because I get so excited I don’t put them back in the case before I grab the next one.

This sketch was at the Benziger Family Winery, one of a handful of “bio-dynamic” wineries.  The tour was intriguing and fun, the wine was excellent, and there was a kitten playing in the shrubs.  I tried to figure out how to capture grape vines while hummingbirds buzzed around me.   Much like when I tried to sketch at the Grand Canyon, I couldn’t figure out where to look…

Here is what Photoshop thinks it could look like in a more abstract manner – I like it!

"Row 1 Again", by Kerry McFall

2 thoughts on “Sun, Wine, and Good Company: Life is Good in Santa Rosa

  1. Lacy

    Kerry! How did we live next to you for two years and not realize what an amazing artist you are?! Everything on this site is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sending us the card with the link in it. I’m so excited to keep up with you while you’re in Europe – I’m sure you will get some amazing artwork out of it. :)

  2. Rob Robinson

    Ah, that is too much fun – sketching AND wine-touring! There are so many great places there to do both. I took a watercolor workshop in the Napa valley several years ago – it’s not a bad place for art and wine either!
    Nice sketch! ‘Hope to see more.

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