Bold and Brash

watercolor rooster with text

Bold and Brash - watercolor by Kerry McFall

 I stopped by Thistledown Farm outside of Eugene on Saturday, and this fine feathered fellow was crowing up a storm out behind the farm store.  I had planned to photograph their wonderful old barn and windmill, but the architecture had to take a backseat.  He strutted his stuff for me, a willing photographer’s model.  I have no idea what breed of chicken he might be, but he reminded me of a golden pheasant.  Not your usual backyard chicken.  And the way his comb was perched up on his head at that rakish angle – what a hoot!  I must say though that his double spurs looked positively lethal… So the barn will have to wait a day or two.  In the meantime, here is a coloring page – color him BOLD:

coloring page rooster

Click to enlarge for a coloring page