Daily Archives: June 2, 2011

Decorated Ducks

outlines of 3 ducks

Aimee's Ducks

Once upon a time, Aimee and her Daddy went to the store for milk… but one thing led to another, and they found themselves at the Farmer’s Market talking to the duck man.  He had three ducks left, and he said that ducks get very lonely without other ducks.  So Daddy, taking leave of his senses momentarily, which to be honest happens with some regularity, bought the three ducks.  Home they all went, and just imagine Mummy’s surprise when Aimee ran shouting into the house, “Guess WHAT?  We have three DUCKS!”  The ducks are named Samantha, Gobble, and Sprinkle, for reasons known only to Aimee.

We may never know whether or not anyone remembered to buy any milk.  But Grandma Kerry was so delighted with the photo of the lovely ducks that she made a coloring page for Aimee and all of the other talented children she knows.  (If you ask your parents to print out a coloring page, you can color it and send it back to Grandma Kerry, who will be delighted! and who reminds you to use the crazy part of your brain as you color!)   And Grandma Kerry liked that coloring page so much that she colored one herself, and here it is:

ducks with designs

If ducks had tattoos...

… and the moral of the story is, always send an adult to supervise shopping trips!