Beaver Skull

sketch of beaver skull

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 As macho mascots go, I’ve always thought that beavers (OSU) were almost as pitiful as ducks (UO).  But maybe they aren’t such wusses after all – those beaver teeth are incredible.  I borrowed the skull from a co-worker’s book shelf and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with this sketch.  Some friends suggested that Duck fans might be interested in Tshirts featuring this expired beav… so that’s the reason behind the copyright notice, I think I’m going to talk to the UO bookstore!  Then again, does that shatter my peace loving Momma image?

I’ve been watching a group of local beavers create a lake at Dunawi Creek, near my forest service office by Starker Arts Park – they don’t just chew on saplings, they have taken down ash trees that I cannot reach around.  It’s awe inspiring what those little mammals can do.

1 thought on “Beaver Skull

  1. James Schupp

    As you know my blood runs orange so the dead Beaver skull does not appeal to me. However, as a piece of art it’s an excellent sketch and I suppose our friends to the south may actually like it. Go Beavers!!
    PS. At least Beavers have a function – they build dams – what do Ducks do? A lot of doo doo….

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